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Google has made a revolutionary impact in the field of information technology throughout the world. Android is an operating system provided by Google. This operating system equipped with middleware facilities and having key applications is especially designed for mobile devices. It is built on Linux kernel platform. Thousands of Android developers are working on it and are coming up with new and new applications day by day, they have made about more than two hundred thousand applications. There has become Android market run by Google, from where anyone can navigate the list of Android applications made by Google and of third party as well, the viewers can buy any number of Android applications.

IntelliPro has expert team of Android developers, who have developed a lot of applications related to Android. Though, this is an innovative way to float the data to target customers that's why we have created different Android applications in different fields like Ecommerce field which is gaining much importance in this modern era of information technology. Online catalogs are also one of them. Navigational software are built for Android to facilitate the people around the world visiting unknown places, these type of softwares works as a guide for tourists and visitors. There are certain other areas for which Android applications have been made by our experts; it includes chat, email, game and synchronizing software applications. To meet the business challenges, CRM and CMS development is also done using Android platform.

Android Advantage

Android is getting more popularity due to certain advantages that it provides are:

Android Development Skills

IntelliPro team has expert Android developers enriched with the following technologies and skills.

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