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The social media platforms are the most essential for the business, social life and personal needs. This is entertaining while productive and informative with creative representation.

Popularity of the social media can be seen with the statics of a recent study showing that a quadrant of the population is using social media approx. 1,730,000,000 people are on the most happening social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine or Instagram. Every minute 4.7 million posts are uploaded on Tumblr, 2,77,000 pics are shared on Snapchat and Youtube video scores more than 5 million views.

Considering the vogue of social media, all the marketers, mass connectivity strivers, information media, e-commerce etc. have been fascinated by it with its connecting power and strong potential to influence. It does avail a coverage of variant industries, age groups and masses segments.


Industry Expertise

IntelliPro possess the inherent qualities of designing and developing out-and-out of a website, programme or applications.

We have a genius team, flair to track the social networking insights and technical headway. They have expertise in developing as well as marketing the social media to get the maximum connectivity to the riffraff and specific communities.

Our social media marketing crew better understand the need of different industries to a divergent set of social media and tools of promotions over there.

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