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BizTalk is an emerging technology innovated by Microsoft. BizTalk server is also called as Microsoft BizTalk server. It provides the best connectivity server solution that has provision of integrating disparate systems very easily. BizTalk is equipped with more than 25 multiplatform adapters that enable the enterprises to automate their business processes. It also provides an enterprise the following functionalities:-

IntelliPro is providing its services in the area of BizTalk from a very long time; the clients are very much satisfied with our services. Through BizTalk, we have integrated and managed their automated business processes with the exchange of different business documents among different and disparate applications. The business documents include purchase orders and invoices etc. BizTalk is gaining much importance as almost every organization is dealing with different type of applications having diverse technologies and they are required to integrate to get the ultimate product, so these comes the requirement for BizTalk.

BizTalk Advantage

The major advantage of BizTalk server is integration of diverse and disparate systems. In addition to it, the other benefits include:

The other technological benefits are that it has updated platform support i.e. it is supported by Visual studio 2010 and .NET framework 4.0, Windows server 2008 and windows 7, and SQL server 2008 including R2 version.

BizTalk Development Skills

Our team is expert and enriched with following development skills required for BizTalk development.

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