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Travel and tourism sector possess wider rooms of thriving economic value and its contribution in world’s economy. It is envisaged that in 2020, Travel and tourism industry is going to maintain the stranglehold on global GDP contribution. It is supposed to be the highest contributing industry.

In 2013, the global travel and tourism industry contributed 9.5% to GDP, US$ 7 trillion in terms of value, according to WTTC‘s economic report. It showed up the highest contribution over any other magnificent industry. US and China remaining the highest players of travel market, followed by Germany, Japan, and South Asia.

Industry challenges

The industry scenario represents a boom in the industry, definitely bringing many business opportunities and growth. But it’s not as simple to manage a growing business as it seems like. With forthcoming business scope, one has to be inclined with its catering abilities and resource management. There are many challenges to face for an entrepreneur to encash such opportunities.

Travel Industry Expertise:

We have been in this industry for more than 6 years and have been instrumental in driving lot of travel businesses to the forefront. Today travel industry is empowered with high end technological solutions which has made this business extremely competitive as well as profitable. Intellipro’s solutions allows organizations to expand their distribution channels, create customer loyalty, lower operational and technology costs and enhance marketing communication with customers and prospects. Our ready to deploy solutions offers travel businesses with comprehensive reports and dashboards to help them get insights to stay ahead of competition.

Our solutions cater to the IT needs of Travel Vendors/Providers, Destinations, Associations, Agents, Online Travel Portals, Aggregators and Consolidators.


IntelliPro is a world class outsourcing firm catering travel and hospitality industry by developing software and applications that are tailor-made to industry requisites, quick, automated, reliable, and cost effective. Our user friendly IT solutions supports the recent technologies. We have developed the most responsive IT solutions and systems, like:

Our dexterous IT and web professionals are well versed with the tourism and hospitality requisites. They are innovative and eminently updated with the technical trends.

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