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Windows Azure is the latest Microsoft technology through which developers builds their required applications, host them and then scale through Microsoft datacenters. Windows Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform that provides on-demand compute and storage facility, SQL Azure is a cloud-based relational database service used in it, and Windows Azure AppFabric that is used for developing, deploying and managing applications in the cloud.

Windows Azure supports both Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft programming languages. In case of Microsoft, .NET is the most popular language while in case of other than Microsoft they are PHP, Java and Ruby. Windows Azure provides the facility to developers to utilize their existing Microsoft Visual Studio expertise and also it supports different standards and protocols that are being commonly used like SOAP, REST and XML. IntelliPro has an expert team for Windows Azure development and they provide the best customized solution. We have a number of clients to whom these type of applications and solutions have been delivered and they are very much satisfied with its functionalities.

Windows Azure Advantage

Here are some major advantages of Windows Azure:-

Windows Azure Development Skills

IntelliPro team has following skills required for the development of Windows Azure applications.

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