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Zen Cart is the shopping cart you’re looking for. Free and open-source, Zen Cart is competitive with even the most formidable commercial programs. It’s both flexible and intuitive, designed for store owners rather than web designers. Zen Cart is a free, strong, versatile, user-friendly, and open source Ecommerce shopping cart software. Zen Cart is good for online stores that need to sell more than twenty products. It uses a stand-alone program that enables online merchants to add their own personal customization.

Zen Cart Advantage

It is free and open-source. Its ease of use enables entrepreneurs having the most basic computer knowledge set up online stores.

Its multiple currency and language support ensures that your business is not limited due to political or linguistic barriers.

Its support for different shipping and payment options provides customers a higher degree of comfort in doing business with you. Its different customer and catalog status modes allow you to regulate the information that is displayed to the customers and the actions the customer is allowed to perform.

Its open-source nature allows endless possibilities for customizations. The multiple free add-ons developed by other users of Zen Cart can be used to provide more functionality and versatility to your business.

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