SharePoint is an eminent technology provided by Microsoft. It deals with the web content management and document management systems using web application platform. Several web applications can be managed very easily; web portal is one of them. Nowadays web portal is gaining much importance in such a way that every organization is managing its data of employees, clients and transactions through web portals, so SharePoint has now become a blessing for them to run their portal in smooth fashion. Social networking tools and other business intelligence tools are using web application development platform.

SharePoint is in reach of every organization irrespective of its size and budget limitations. It can provide a single 'server farm' for managing data of multiple organizations. This product is also an economical product in case of premium editions as well. Its basic version is available at low cost, but if someone wants more functionality or additional integration then there is matter of just few pennies.

Cloud computing is an emerging advancement in the field of information technology. This facility of cloud computing can be reached by using SharePoint up to some extent. A variety of widgets/gadgets are being introduced into the market by different software companies, and it is the capability of SharePoint to integrate and install these web parts i.e. widgets etc.

SharePoint Advantage

SharePoint provides a lot of advantages in streamlining the business processes by providing the good control and understanding of the contents, and access and sharing of information. SharePoint provides fruitful benefits to the organization that everything is transparent and on a single platform which enable an employee to reach organizational resources and the desired information in few seconds to make the right decisions. There are certain advantages, provided by SharePoint includes:

SharePoint Development Skills

IntelliPro team has expert SharePoint developers enriched with the following technologies and skills.

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