Retail & Distribution Industry

This industry comprise of merchandising, household, grocery, technology, white goods, house improving, food and beverages, apparel and accessories, pharmacy, specialty, etc. with a range of variants into size, type, and formats.

The online sale is severe in trend. Even if the customer go in store, they do search for online price comparison through mobile or other online devices. Trends show 44% buyers, buy online but want to pick from store and 64% want in-store customer services for their online shopping. Handling such kind of baffling issues are the need of modern retailers.

Also, synchronizing with the vast range and line of products is another hot issue. Doing it manually is a mind boggling task.

The market statistics shows that 84% of in-store walk-ins compare and searches products on their mobile devices. 75% of the respondents confessed that their shopping habits are quite influencing with social media product information.


Industry expertise

IntelliPro consider the type, size and need of any retail format before initiating its delineation. The retail products are fully integrated to various channel of sales and customized.

IntelliPro provides impeccable solutions and services, promoting the retail sales, branding and product establishment.

IntelliPro projects and products are fully customized to meet up the scorching demands like integration with various channels of sales, online availability and branding, digital marketing and connectivity to social media and massive potential online buyers.

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