Software Development Processes

We want to provide our customer with the best, therefore, close interaction with client help our team members to define requirements, review prototypes and manage possible changes. IntelliPro is responsible for execution of projects at lowest possible cost keeping the standards of quality high. Following Offshore Development Process at IntelliPro.

Development Process

Agile or Waterfall? The answer is never quite that simple. Depending on the specifications, budgets and breadth of your project, Intellipro may use either a more traditional waterfall process or an agile software model to develop your software. Like any method, each has its own benefits and limitations, but an experienced Intellipro project manager will consult with you to see which model or combination of the two will be the best fit for your project, budget, and timeline.

Traditional Waterfall Development Model

At Intellipro, we believe that the Waterfall Development Methodology works best for clients whose software specifications are relatively stable and where requirements are not volatile. Since development is done as per a specified scope, the process is relatively structured and works well if a fixed budget and a set turnaround time for the product are important to the client.

This process is beneficial as the time investment from the client is largest during the initial phase of the project and exponentially reduced during the Design and Development phase to simply check points and approvals. For precisely the same reason, for larger and more loosely defined projects – this model can be risky as the client is unable to review and give feedback until the end of the project. However, at, we overcome this disadvantage in the Waterfall Development Methodology by dynamic wireframing.

Agile Software Development Model

Agile Software Development works well for clients whose businesses are volatile and constantly evolving – so quickly that the business requirements change by the time the requirements gathering phase is complete!

At Intellipro, this iterative methodology is frequently used, requiring intense collaboration and self-editing across several teams. Minimum product requirements are gathered by an assigned Project Manager or “Scrum Master” and move in parallel into development and testing. At Intellipro, we use Agile for clients who need a more responsive process and are in need of shorter turnaround times.

The main limitation for the Agile Software Development model is that due to its flexible and responsive nature, project budgets and timelines are more uncertain as it is difficult to gauge the amount of work involved at the outset.

Testing and Quality Assurance

At Intellipro, every line of code is tested and retested by independent quality control teams to make sure that your software is functionally secure and will perform under pressure. We write test cases across several platforms — from browsers to mobile devices — making sure that your software will work as envisioned before the product even goes into User Acceptance Testing by the client.

Quality Process

In this dynamic world, quality of software can never be called as best. Firms that adapt to continuous improvement of their software and business systems are able to lead in the market. IntelliPro keenly realize the importance of this continuous improvement and keep on providing improved services to meet upcoming expectations of its valued customers.

IntelliPro continuously upgrade skills and expertise of its employees by providing them periodic trainings regarding new developments in the market. The training sessions are relevant to improved coding methods, best known coding practice, improved standards of documentation and quality assurance to improve performance of employees.

This effort of polishing the professional skills of our employees help us to provide our clients softwares, systems and solutions that are of superior quality and are based on latest technology in the market.

The quality management system of IntelliPro is based on four major aspects


Our management focuses on providing customers with quality services. For doing so, a quality manager actively coordinates the required tasks to meet the ISO certified quality standards. He also advises on the current performance of quality management system and evaluates it in comparisons to some pre-defined indicators.


Competent employees are welcomed and highly adored by IntelliPro. We aim at providing our human resource with value and believe in that every personnel with his minute to major efforts matters. We encourage our employees for developing personal integrity, self-confidence, a productive organizational culture, motivation, high team spirit and integral relationships to attain quality.


Efficient development of IT solutions on basis of pondered well plan and design is done by our employees. Thus, combination of these four factors in an efficient manner is the secret for our quality IT solutions.

The major processes followed by IntelliPro in quality assurance are as follows:

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